Animation - COVID-19 Vaccine Explainer

The Department of Health has put together this animation which expalins why COVID-19 vaccines are so important in a culturally appropriate way. This video has been developed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples audiences.

"COVID doesn't care how old you are!"

Dennis Simmons dispels a common myth that young people don’t get COVID-19.

15 second version:

30 second version:

"We haven't got COVID here anyway!"

Dennis Simmons dispels a common myth that there is no point getting vaccinated because we don’t have community transmission of COVID-19.

15 second version 1:

15 second version 2:

30 second version:

Dr Dan McAullay

Dr Dan McAullay, Director of Aboriginal Research at Edith Cowan University, nurse, epidemiologist and a member of the Noongar community speaks about COVID-19 and flu vaccinations.

Dr Sandra Eades

In this series of videos, Noongar woman Dr Sandra Eades talks about the importance of getting vaccinated to protect your family and your community.

Pastor Ray Minniecon

In this video, Pastor Ray Minniecon encourages all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to get vaccinated as soon as possible to protect loved ones against COVID-19. ‘For me getting vaccinated is showing an act of love.’ Pastor Ray

You've got questions with Dr Karl

We know there are some questions out there about the COVID-19 vaccines.

To help answer some of those common questions, the WA Government has teamed up with Dr Karl for this You’ve Got Questions series, to address the myths about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr Karl is a knowledgeable and trusted voice of the Australian medical and science community, most known for his ‘Science with Dr Karl’ segment on Triple J radio.

Vaccination is a critical issue for Dr Karl – he said that a drop in the number of people getting vaccinated against whooping cough years ago was what motivated him to become a media personality.

“That’s why I got into media – I felt I could do better for the Australian population by telling people to get vaccinated,” he said.

“Getting vaccinated saves lives.”

Deafblind Ambassador Deborah Kasich

This video includes Deb Kasich, an ambassador and advocate with Senses Australia, who explains the importance of getting accinated.

AusLan Interpreter Fiona Perry

As an Auslan interpreter for Access Plus WA Deaf, Fiona Perry reflects on why it was so important for her to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Videos translated into First Nations languages

Kimberley Kriol



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