The State Emergency Relief Committee (SERC) is a committee of community service sector representatives who lead policy, advocacy and strategy on behalf of Western Australia’s (WA) emergency relief sector. The purpose of SERC is to improve outcomes for people experiencing poverty and financial hardship in WA.

SERC membership is comprised of emergency relief providers, relevant Peaks, Government Departments and funding bodies from across WA.
Organisation representatives generally occupy middle to upper management positions as they have the appropriate authority and expertise to explore system issues and participate in strategic advocacy.

Membership is open to community sector organisations in WA who deliver emergency relief services and are committed to improving outcomes for people living with financial hardship. Relevant Government Departments and funding bodies are also invited to participate in the SERC meetings but are assumed as ex-officio members.

Requests to join the committee can be submitted to WACOSS via the Community Relief and Resilience Program Coordinator – [email protected]

Major Supporter

The State Emergency Relief Committee would not be possible without the generous support of Lotterywest.