What is community relief and resilience?

Emergency Relief is the provision of financial or material assistance to people experiencing a financial crisis. Individuals or families may access emergency relief to help them through a ‘one-off’ episode; while for others, emergency relief becomes part of their experience of dealing with ongoing financial disadvantage. The aim of emergency relief is to assist people experiencing financial crisis in a way that maintains dignity and fosters empowerment.

Assistance usually comprises:

  • The provision of financial or material aid to meet an immediate need – may include transport, chemist vouchers, assistance with paying bills, food vouchers, food parcels, clothing, or household goods.
  • Information and referrals that may help to resolve the underlying causes of a financial crisis.  
Western Australia’s community relief sector

Western Australia’s CRR sector consists of nearly 300 agencies and their outlets providing material and financial assistance to people and families experiencing hardship and adversity across the state.

Funding for Community Relief and Resilience is diverse and includes both State and Federal Government Departments, other agency revenue, philanthropic sources, and public donations.

Our role and commitment

WACOSS is committed to supporting the CRR sector with policy, advocacy, and strategy, to enhance organisational capacity so that providers can continue to deliver services that are responsive to community need. 

The Community Relief and Resilience Program is generously funded by Lotterywest.

Sector Support

If you are a volunteer or provider of emergency relief or charity food services, visit the CRR Sector Hub to access free resources and learn how you can be part of the community supporting vulnerable individuals and families in Western Australia. 

Major Supporter

The Community Relief and Resilience Program and Forum would not be possible without the generous support of Lotterywest.