The state, territory and national Councils of Social Service are an independent, non-partisan and well respected voice that advocate for individual and community need to all levels of government, supporting the community sector and facilitating a just and equitable Australia.

With more than 4,000 organisational and individual members, we work as a catalyst for change in every state and territory of Australia amplifying voices to improve the lives of Australians.

We are nine independent organisations – one for each state and territory in Australia and a national body – who work passionately and tirelessly together with each other and our communities to reduce poverty and promote social justice. 

We work together using our expertise and reach, on our united purpose to end poverty, inequality and exclusion in Australia. 

Council of Social Service Directors and CEOs meet regularly via teleconference, and when possible, for face-to-face meetings and events.

How we work

We collaborate… by partnering with our members, government and community services organisations for greater impact.

We consult… our stakeholders and partner with others with experience and insight to ensure we have the latest thinking and knowledge to advocate for change.

We engage… our communities to keep abreast of their needs and to understand how community services, support and policy can help.

We influence… key decision-makers and leaders to make improvements in social and economic policy and the community services we provided in our communities.

We facilitate… conversations, capacity building and opportunities for learning and engagement between all of our stakeholders, from the highest level of government to people in need in our local communities.

We promote… awareness and understanding of the issues affecting people in our communities who experience poverty, discrimination and stigma.

We mobilise… people, partners, community and business to help us create impact and take action through community liaison, campaigns and advocacy.

We lead public debates and advocate for solutions that will build a better society based on evidence and real experience.

We see the whole social service system and the interactions between the many parts of the system.

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