Media Enquiries

We work with the media to highlight the experiences of people in Western Australia who experience hardship, disadvantage, and poverty. We share policy solutions to make for a fair, just and equitable society for everyone. 

We are primarily represented in the media by our CEO, Louise Giolitto. 

Media Contact 

Fraser Beattie – 0421 505 557

Email: [email protected] 

Case studies 

For some people who are experiencing vulnerability, and speaking to the media may be very confronting. While we don’t work directly with clients, where possible, WACOSS may be able to facilitate a discussion with a person with lived experience, or we can put you in touch with a member organisation who may be able to assist.


This image of Louise Giolitto is for use by news organisations only. 


Student Journalist Enquiries

We do our best to support emerging journalists, however this is not always possible. Please send an email to [email protected] with your details, the type of response you’re looking for – whether written, phone interview or on-camera interview – and the story or issue angle, and we will get back to you.