Our members are a diverse range of community service organisations, for-profit organisations and businesses, events and training, dedicated individuals, and those whose dedication to the sector has given them honorary life membership of WACOSS. 

All members have one thing in common: the are committed to improving the lives of all Western Australians, and share our vision for a fair, just and equitable society. 

Membership Categories

Social Service Organisation Members

Associate Organisation Members

Social Service Individual Members

Angie Paskevicius

Ann White

Anna Presser

Belinda James

Brodie Lewis

Carissa Gautam

Clare Mullen

Damian Tapley

Donna Quinn

Francis Lynch

Gai Walker

Helen Creed

Helen Liedel

James Paxman

Jennie Gray

Jennifer Monaghan

Jodie Wilde

Joe Calleja

Katie Norwell

Kulbir Ahlawat

Kylie Hansen

Lorraine Keane

Louise Lamont

Maria Harries

Maria Miceli

Marleen Roch

Michael Berry

Michelle MacKenzie

Noel Harding

Philippa Boldy

Renna Gayde

Rochelle Brown

Rosemaree Magro

Stephanie Boyd

Tricia Murray

Vida Corbett

Wendy Simpson

Associate Individual Members

Alia Abdi

Allan Connolly

Carina Becker

Carol Wakely

Chanelle Clark

Chrissie Feron

David Gilchrist

Hon Dave Kelly MLA

Fabiola Pinheiro

Gabi Pattiaratchi

Rev George Davies

Janine Freeman

Janine Gerard

Jonathan Seth

Karen Price

Liesel Ashworth

Linda Savage

Lisa L Baker MLA

Maria Tsovleas

Mariska Button

Nandita R Naroth

Nicole Philippi

Hon. Stephen Dawson MLC

Senator Sue Lines

Stuart Reid

Sue Chapman

Thais Toledo Gomes Carracoza

Wendy Morris

Yvonne Kallane

Honorary Life Members

Anne Sinclair

Brenda Harper-Nelson

Moira Rainer

Peter Sirr

Sue Ash