WA Community Services Sector Peaks Support Grants

Peaks Sector Support Grants project is project supported by WACOSS, funded by Lotterywest. With support from Lotterywest, there are two funding streams available. The Lotterywest Capacity Building Grants (max $20,000 per project) are provided for Peaks to facilitate training or consultation/co-design processes with their members on an issue of strategic importance, and where the need to do this is immediate. The focus of this project are emerging issues that require a quick turnaround. The Lotterywest COVID-19 Grants (max $20,000 per project) are provided for Peaks to effectively respond to impact of COVID-19 spread in WA. All applications are assessed by the Peaks Grants Subcommittee. To enquire about either funding available, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Essential eligibility criteria

  1. The Peak applying must be a WA-based community services Peak body that is also eligible to apply for Lotterywest grants (Peaks not registered for GST are able to apply for a maximum of $15,000 only).
  2. For Lotterywest Capacity Building Grants, the grant will fund an identified emerging issue that requires a quick response, and goes beyond the core business of the applying Peak body.
  3. For Lotterywest Covid-19 Grants, the grant will fund an identified issue related to COVID-19 impact where no other funding is available.
  4. The proposal is for a small grant (less than $20,000).
  5. The project has a clear timeline, with a beginning and an end, and is no longer than six months.
  6. Each application requires written support from two other peaks or the Peaks Forum.
  7. For a professional development proposal, the applying Peak must have co-designed their training with the people or organisations that will be receiving it.
  8. No more than one grant per year except under exceptional circumstances.
  9. To fund a collaborative Peak Forum projects and research.

For more information on the process and application form, please follow the links below.