The Community Online Resource Exchange (CORE) enables the sharing of resources between the business and not for profit sectors.

The portal was designed and developed by WACOSS Social enterprise DropIN Solutions, under the Food Relief Framework.

The CORE portal will assist businesses and charities to coordinate surplus product, items, and infrastructure at a local level, by listing items of scale for use of and distribution by community based services and organisations.

During the design of the WA Food Relief Framework, the concept of CORE came about as the project group spoke with over 150 charity food providers and stakeholders, who told of the need of such online platform.

Development of CORE accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, when it became essential to have an online platform for community service organisations to share surplus resources.

CORE will assist you to match resources – for example, bulk food supplies, furniture, computers – with a charity that needs it.

CORE can match logistics infrastructure too, such as a businesses or community organisation with a commercial kitchen, warehouse or cool room that it would like to share.

As well as better coordinating and supporting the charity sector, CORE can lead to more standardised distribution of resources. The platform is a valuable tool when responding to climate emergencies or natural disasters, where the need for resources to rebuild and sustain is much higher than supply.

CORE Partners

Major Supporter

Community Online Resource Exchange (CORE) would not be possible without the generous support of Lotterywest.