The Pilbara Project works with local service providers, local and state governments, the resources sector, and community members to improve systems and ways of working for a more equitable society.

We do this by building genuine relationships, amplifying the voice of people in our communities who are most vulnerable, and strengthening the local networks in place to improve outcomes for the broader Pilbara community.  

The Pilbara Project believes that our collective impact is stronger than its parts in resolving complex issues, and that listening is at the heart of understanding how to respond appropriately.

Currently, the Pilbara Manager facilitates the regional Pilbara Family and Domestic Violence Network (PFDVN); a group of over 40 different agencies addressing the root causes of family abuse through a preventative and interventionist lens. The Vital Change Programs are 4 programs funded by BHP as part of the PFDVN addressing men’s healing, trauma-informed practice, prevention campaigning and sector collaboration.

The Vital Change Program partners with Communicare, Western Australian Centre of Rural Health and BHP.

Vital Change Program Partners

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