Social Service Organisation Member

For not-for-profit, charities, non-government organisations, societies, boards, and other bodies, which are engaged in some form of social service.

Social Service Individual Member

For people who are employed by, advocates of, or affiliated with a social service organisation.


Associate Organisation Member

For organisations or bodies who are not a social service, but are committed to our values, such as local government, or for-profit organisations.

Associate Individual Member

For people who are not employed by a social service organisation, but whose values align with those of WACOSS.


Membership Rates

Annual turnover for organisations may include regular income from all sources, including grants and subsidies, but excluding capital grants.

In recognition of the additional challenges that aren’t experienced by our metro service providers – such as the additional cost to provide services and distances involved – our regional members are offered a 25% discount on membership fees.

People with Lived Experience and Advocates working on WACOSS projects are eligible to have their fees waived.

Membership fees are based on the financial year, with renewals between June and July. If you become a member outside of these months, you will be charged a pro-rata membership fee.

For more information or to apply to have your fees waived, email [email protected].