Submission and publication dates

Sector News Submissions Due

Friday, 9 September 2022

Friday, 23 September 2022

Friday, 7 October 2022

Friday, 21 October 2022

Friday, 4 November 2022

Friday, 18 November 2022

Friday, 2 December 2022

Friday, 13 January 2023

Friday, 27 January 2023

Friday, 10 February 2023

Friday, 24 February 2023

Friday, 10 March 2023

Friday, 24 March 2023

Friday, 7 April 2023

Friday, 21 April 2023

Sector News Publication Date

Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Wednesday, 26 October 2022

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Wednesday, 4 January 2023

Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Wednesday, 12 April 2023

Wednesday, 26 April 2023

Fees for submitting an article

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Article / News item 

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Paid Event 

Organisational Member

$ Free

$ Free

$ Free

Non-Member or Individual Member




To submit an article in the the Sector News please complete the Submission Form below a minimum of three business days before the scheduled publication date.

Sector News Submission Form

First publication date.
Second publication date.
Not applicable for member organisations.

Submission Policies

  1. WACOSS organisational members can submit articles and events for promotion in the Sector News for free. 
  2. WACOSS Individual members can submit articles and events for promotion in the Sector News for a fee – see fee schedule above.
  3. Non-members can submit articles and events for promotion in the Sector News for a fee – see fee schedule above.
  4. Each article or event can be published in a maximum of two publications, dates must be specified at the time of submission.
  5. Member Organisations can promote a maximum of 12 individual training or events in a calendar year for free. Each training or event will not be promoted more than one month before the scheduled date of the training or event.
  6. All training and events must be submitted as an individual submission.
  7. Only articles and events deemed of value to the readership will be published. Editorial decisions will be made if content isn’t deemed appropriate.
  8. WACOSS reserves the right to alter the language of articles and events submitted where the alternation does not change the intent or meaning of the story or event.
  9. All submissions must be received by COB the three business days prior to the publication date – see publication schedule above.
  10. Non-members with a story of community interest can request for inclusion in the Sector News at no charge. This can be made via the Submission Form. 
  11. All article submissions must be accompanied by a link (i.e. must be uploaded on the web already).

Sector News Submission Form