WA Digital Inclusion Project

The WA Digital Inclusion Project is a collaboration of 26 partners, including leading community service organisations and digital partner NBN Co. The project aims to build the digital capability of front-line community service workers together with their clients. Funded by Lotterywest with a grant of $3.9 million to address the key barriers to digital inclusion, the project commenced on 1 July 2022. The three-year project aims to assist 100,000 people in metropolitan Perth and several regional centres. The Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS) is leading the initiative, and has responsibility for project governance.

The WA Digital Inclusion Project aims to provide training to at least 1,500 front-line community service workers on the use of digital inclusion resources, improving their digital skills and empowering them to pass on knowledge to their clients in the community. The WA Digital Inclusion Project will draw on existing and established training materials to ensure sustainability beyond the life of the project.

Longer term goals of the project include developing training programs for people in the community to gain digital skills and qualifications that will help them to gain employment and volunteering opportunities into the future.

A pilot program will be established with Foundation Housing to provide 500 social housing tenancies with:

  • Supported affordable devices; and
  • Subsidised internet plans.

Strategic focus areas and supporting initiatives

The WA Digital Inclusion Project has three strategic focus areas:

  1. Ability – build the digital skills and capability of front-line community services workers so that they support their clients to access services online.
  2. Access – improve access to connectivity for people in the community.
  3. Affordability – improve affordability of access and devices for people in the community.

We are currently working on a website for the WA Digital Inclusion Project.

Download an overview of the project here.

For further information please contact: [email protected]

Lotterywest is the major supporter of the WA Digital Inclusion Project. You can read more about their contributions back into the WA community on the Lotterywest Dream State Story Hub website.