Community Services Industry Alliance

  • Industry Planning and Preparedness for COVID-19 
    This page has a lot of really useful templates for the community services sector. Information  on this page includes:
    • COVID-19 preparedness planning templates;
    • Checklists for community sector organisations;
    • Business continuity and scenario planning templates.

New South Wales Council of Social Service

Tasmanian Council of Social Service

Nothern Territory Council of Social Service

  • Community Sector Service Mapping Project
    • The Community Sector COVID-19 Response Rapid Mapping Project resulted from NTCOSS member requests to identify the capability and capacity of the sector to respond to immediate and future needs of vulnerable Territorians.   As services and workforces are disrupted and the demand on services changed rapidly, NTCOSS working with NOUS Group, coordinated the collection of critical information from community not-for-profit organisations to assist with ongoing coordination and planning.
    • The result is an online dashboard available here

WA Primary Health Alliance

WA Association for Mental Health

  • WAAMH – NDIS Service Provider Preparedness Toolkit
    While this toolkit is very specific in its focus, it has been developed over the last month (Dated 5 January 2022) and contains very up to date information including around business continuity and workforce planning relevant to WA. A lot of this information would be universal for the community services sector in general and could apply to other providers and settings.

Victorian Government – COVIDSafe Plan

  • COVIDSafe Plan – Template
    This document is a bit outdated (Oct 2021) but has a baseline of issues that should be considered when developing a preparedness plan, including considerations for workforce issues (such as rostering the same groups of workers on the same shifts, single worksites, avoiding overlapped shifts, etc)
    • This document is also available in  a number of different languages and accessible formats here.

  • Business Continuity Tool for the Aboriginal Community Services Sector
    This is a very comprehensive tool for putting together a service continuity plan that has been put together bythe Victorian Government for the Aboriginal Community Services Sector. Whilst the contacts are not relevant to Western Australia, there is a lot of useful information that could be copied.

New South Wales Government

  • Prepare for the unexpected – a general tool for disaster planning that includes useful information relating to pandemics. Has been updated in late 2021 to inlcude COVID specific information.

WorkSafe Tasmania

  • COVID-19 Safe Workplaces Framework – This page contains a variety of resources and templates for creating a business continuity plan, which whilst not specific to the community services sector may be relevant.