Food insecurity is responsible for a growing social, health and economic burden in Australia, largely driven by poverty and inadequate income and/or financial hardship.

Lotterywest funded the Western Australian Council of Social Service to auspice the Food Relief Framework Project in 2017. The need for a framework came from the community sector after it was recognised that improvements to the service system can be made to better respond to need. 

The food relief sector collaborated to map the issue and identify solutions to address gaps in the State’s food security system. A Working Group was established and extensive stakeholder and community consultation across regional and metropolitan areas was undertaken, engaging service providers, government, consumer groups, and the corporate sector. 

The culmination of this work is a Framework that can and will be adapted to address food insecurity in Western Australia, and can be used across the country, and in many jurisdictions to identify and map gaps, so that people can be food secure. 

Key achievements

This film was shot in late 2019 for the Food Relief Framework in both Broome and Perth. The film provides an opportunity to hear about the development of the Framework and to share the personal experiences of people who have relied on charity food services. 

We thank those who shared their experiences in this film for their courage and invaluable insights. 

The Food Stress Index can be used to identify areas of opportunity to address food access, food insecurity, and poverty through policy interventions. The FSI can also estimate how much food relief is required for various disaster and emergency scenarios, for example, the requirements for 100 per cent food relief at a local government area level in natural disasters such as floods, cyclones and earthquakes.

CORE has been designed and developed to enable the sharing of resources between the business and not for profit sectors. As well as better coordinating and supporting the charity sector, CORE can lead to more standardised distribution of resources. The platform will become a valuable tool when responding to climate emergencies or natural disasters.

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