The Western Australian Council of Social Service condemns the recent attacks by the Federal Government on people living in poverty, and is signatory to the joint statement released by the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) today.

Three million people in Australia live below the poverty line, 731,000 of them are children.

WACOSS opposes the nine cuts to income support payments before Federal parliament. These include;

  1. Cutting the Energy Supplement, affecting 1.7 million people receiving income support payments
  2. Cutting the Pensioner Education Supplement, affecting 39,700 people, including single parents, Disability Support Pensioners and Carers
  3. Cutting the Education Entry Payment, affecting 56,100 people
  4. Denying some migrants a pension for up to 15 years, affecting 2,300 people
  5. Cutting the GST Supplement for pensioners who spend more than six weeks overseas
  6. Removing deemed claim provisions for people accessing income support, effectively cutting payments for people experiencing disadvantage
  7. Doubling the Liquid Assets Waiting Period making some people wait six months before accessing an income support payment, affecting 13,800 people
  8. Cutting the Bereavement Allowance by $1,300
  9. Tightening compliance rules for people seeking work, which will cut social security payments for 83,000 people

Legislation before parliament to cut Federal Government income support payments will impact Australians already living below the poverty line.

“These are attacks on people who are living below the poverty line, who need our support. The social security system is insufficient to meet the basic cost of living, causing entrenched disadvantage in our communities,” said Louise Giolitto, Chief Executive Officer, WACOSS.

“If legislated, these cuts will see more people forced into poverty.”

Read the ACOSS Civil Society Joint Statement.

Media contact: Laurene Coller, Communications Officer, 08 9420 7222 or 0419 316 557.

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