The community services sector has called on all political parties to reveal their plans to address WA’s critical housing and homelessness issues before the upcoming state election.

This election, the community services sector has come together to launch a campaign which encourages people to ask ‘What If It Was Me?’

WA Council of Social Service CEO Louise Giollito said the importance of safe and secure housing cannot be overstated.

“If it was you, and you became homeless, how would you manage to keep working and continue to actively participate in society?”

“It is estimated that every night in WA, there are over 9,500 people experiencing homelessness.”

“The amount of public housing in WA is not only failing to keep up with our population growth, but has in fact been in decline.”

The public housing wait list now has over 18,000 people on it, waiting on average for nearly three years. What is more disturbing is that almost 2,000 people are on the priority wait list.”

Shelter WA spokesperson Stephen Hall said building more well located, affordable housing will stimulate our weakening economy, while also meet the housing needs of low income households.

“Parties across the political spectrum need to commit to increasing our supply of social housing and homelessness services, if we are going to make any inroads to addressing this issue in WA,” Mr Hall added.

“These are difficult economic times, but that is all the more reason for government to have the right priorities and tackle disadvantage in our state.”

“Secure housing, with the right support, enhances well-being, enables engagement in society and facilitates economic participation.”

“Homelessness will never be resolved without an adequate supply of available social and affordable housing, and appropriate accessible supports.”

Media Contacts:
Louise Giolitto, WACOSS – 0411 534 911

Stephen Hall, Shelter WA – 0408 426 263

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