The Service Priority Review panel has consulted widely, including with government agencies, the community services sector, unions and business and industry, to understand the barriers to reform and opportunities for change.

The interim report will be submitted to the Premier later this month.

Alongside the panel’s interim report, work has continued with directors general and central agencies on the development of whole of government targets that aim to guide how the Government tackles the most critical issues facing the community.

The panel will seek feedback on the interim report from key stakeholders to finalise its recommendations to the Government in October.

You can view Panel chair Iain Rennie discussing the most recent activities of the Service Priority Review here:

WACOSS would like to invite members to join us for a consultation session conducted by Ian Rennie. The consultation session will inform the government on your views on how to achieve a more efficient, collaborative, adaptable and outcomes-based public sector that is aligned to the State Government’s strategic priorities and the delivery of different, better and more affordable services.

Register for the WACOSS members’ consultation session here

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