WACOSS has released a blueprint for social and economic change to help achieve the inclusive, just, and equitable society we all desire, the 2018-2019 Pre-Budget Submission: At the Heart of Our Community.

The Submission proposes an approach to government that puts people at the centre of decision making, and empowers local communities to drive systemic transformations that target their biggest needs and highest aspirations.

“The recent State election provides a clear mandate for progressive change, re-balancing our economy to reduce growing inequality, and build a vibrant and diverse future we can all share and pass on to our children,” said Louise Giolitto, WACOSS CEO.

Some of the recommendations in the WACOSS submission to achieve this include setting targets for social housing around Metronet Hubs, repealing mandatory sentencing laws, improving renters’ rights, protecting low-income households from rising energy costs, co-designing a comprehensive Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) response strategy, and creating a cross-government social policy evaluation and research unit.

“We recognise the tight fiscal situation that the State Government finds itself in, but hard-line austerity will only cause systemic costs to grow, undermine our economy, and further disadvantage those who have already been placed in a vulnerable position,” said Ms Giolitto.

“Without a serious shift towards early intervention and prevention, the unsustainable and growing demand pressures on tertiary services will just continue to grow.

“We need to take serious and concerted action in this State to reduce the unacceptable overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in our prisons and in state care.

“It’s time we put the interest of those on the lowest incomes, the marginalised and those who are currently excluded, right at the heart of our community.”



For further information please contact Laurene Coller, Communications Officer, 08 9420 7222 or 0419 316 557, [email protected].

To download a PDF of this media release, click here.

To download a copy of the PBS, click here.

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