The Western Australian Council of Social Service has expressed its alarm at today’s announcement that the Federal Government will slash the JobSeeker coronavirus supplement by $300 a fortnight.

“This decision will needlessly force millions of Australians into poverty,” said Louise Giolitto, Chief Executive Officer.

“For no good reason the Government have significantly lowered support measures to people who are out of a job. We know from recent jobs data that there is just 1 job for every 13 people applying.

“With Australia facing ongoing economic, social and health impacts from the pandemic, we need a permanent and adequate payment for people who are locked out of work.

“With these cuts we will only see more people unable to put food on the table to feed their children, struggling with mounting debts and to keep a roof over their head. This is a cruel decision that leaves many staring down the barrel of enduring hardship.

“This decision will have a flow-on effect across the Western Australian economy, with less to spend in our community, which in turn will lead to further economic pain and unemployment. These cuts will slow job growth, dramatically slow economic recovery, and create further inequality.

“The Federal Government has made a deliberate decision to push people down into poverty, and despite their recognition that there is little work out in the community, they have chosen to reintroduce unnecessary and punitive mutual obligation requirements for people seeking work.

“We need to be supporting people who are out of work. Today’s announcement in no way does that,” Louise Giolitto concluded.



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