You’ve found us after hearing a radio ad, in a language you wouldn’t have been able to understand. Thank you for being interested in hearing the voices of First Nations people.

WACOSS has a vision for an inclusive, just and equitable society. We drive social change with communities and through collective action. This campaign is a joint initiative between 21 community service organisations who have been walking alongside First Nations people for many years in their journey towards reconciliation. A Voice to Parliament is what 80% of First Nations people want and what our sector knows is needed. We support a Voice to Parliament because it is the right thing to do, because it’s our sector’s purpose to support communities who have been left behind, but ultimately, because, it’s the very least we can do.

Please hear the voice of these local First Nations people. And, join us in voting YES to The Voice on October 14th.

We Support a Voice to Parliament

On 24 February 2023, the WACOSS Board unanimously agreed to support the ‘Yes’ campaign for constitutional recognition for First Nations Australians through a Voice to Parliament.

As community service organisations we are privileged to work alongside First Nations peoples in the community sector, and much of our work is guided by their cultural knowledge and community connection.

Now, we have an opportunity to play a role in supporting the voice to parliament and ensuring that First Nations peoples’ right to have a say about the services they receive is enshrined in the constitution.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be sharing helpful resources and information about why the Voice to Parliament is an important step in our journey to Voice. Treaty. Truth. 

What is the Uluru Statement from the Heart?

In May 2017, more than 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people issued the Uluru Statement from the Heart which calls for a First Nations Voice to Parliament to be enshrined in the constitution, and a Makarrata commission to oversee a process of treaty-making and truth-telling.

Read the Uluru Statement of the Heart


Why is the Voice important? 

Reconciliation Australia has developed a comprehensive piece about the importance of a Voice to Parliament, and the background an history of why it is important to First Nations people. 

The Uluru Statement from the Heart website offers a range of information and webinars to learn more about how the Uluru Statement was developed and why it is important. 

Campaign Resources

To get involved, sign up to Yes23 and get a call back about how to be involved. 

Sign up to events via the Yes23 website and attend  training, door-knocking, flyering and general awareness events about how you can support the campaign. 


Grants are available from Yes23 to support organisations and community groups to help facilitate events and activities in pursuit of a Yes vote.