CEO | Ngala

Fiona Beermier holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Ngala, appointed in May 2017. Prior to this she was the Chief Executive Officer at Intelife Disability Services, and Chief Operating Officer at YouthCARE.

Fiona’s professional background in the community and health sectors has spanned more than 20 years and her skill of working in diverse capacities has complemented her dedication to serving those experiencing vulnerability across many of the social determinants of life.

Currently, Fiona serves on a number of committees and boards. This includes the Australasian Parenting and Child Health Board, which works collaboratively with the social services sector across Australia and New Zealand to deliver better outcomes for parents and children in the Early Parenting and Early Childhood Development domains.

Fiona is committed to the best outcome of a child through early childhood intervention and development. She aims to achieve this by working collaboratively towards changing the trajectory of a child’s life by providing them with the best opportunities to be their best through early childhood support, which will ultimately improve societal outcomes for all West Australians. This trajectory she knows can only be successful with values collaboration and engagement wherever possible to advocate for those experiencing vulnerability in our community.