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State Wage Case Submission 2022

…Industrial Relations Act 1979 (WA) [2]Hon Mark McGowan MLA (2022) Western Australia State Budget 2022-23: Budget Paper No.1: Treasurer’s Speech. Government of Western Australia. [3] Duncan, A. (2022) Behind the…

State Budget Submission

State Budget Submission 2022-2023 Summary

…the pandemic recovery conversation beyond the economy towards a person-centred recovery that focuses on outcomes and wellbeing. Download the State Budget Submission Summary. Download the State Budget Submission in full….


2022-23 Budget Briefing Resources

…Also read: Department of Treasury 2022-23 Budget Presentation WACOSS 2022-23 Budget Analysis Presentation (which includes an overall analysis, and a nuanced Gender Analysis) WACOSS Budget Fact Sheets Our response to…


2021-22 Budget Briefing Resources

…Fees and Charges Housing and Homelessness Justice and Corrective Services Mental Health Other Regional Investments Our response to the 2021-22 State Budget: Future Focused State Budget for a Rainy Day…


Submission to the State Wage Case 2021

…households who experience a sudden additional expense are likely to lower their food budget, or skip meals, to compensate. Increasing the minimum wage and the purchasing power of low-wage working…