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Calendar of Events Jan - June 2014

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This page lists all WACOSS events in date order.  Click on the Event for more information & to register

Events Calendar Jan-June 2014 PDF Version

Help us to continue to provide the best training for your organisation

We are always interested in hearing from you the types of skills and development needs you require. There are many options:

•WACOSS can make sure the topics identified are included in our training calendar;
•We can plan additional events based on sector needs;
•Customise or develop a new course to meet an identified need; or
•Customise one or more workshop around your organisation needs.

Find out more by emailing or speaking to a person in our training team on 9420 7222.
  1. Marketing for Not-For-Profits - Tue 29th Apr 2014

  2. Financial Oversight for Boards & Treasurers - Tue 29th Apr 2014 WEBINAR

  3. Managing Challenging Behaviours - Wed 30th Apr 2014

  4. Preparing Financial Audits and Funding Acquittals - Thu 1st May 2014

  5. Leveraging your Assets for Greater Outcomes - Thu 8th May 2014

  6. Introduction to Management Support On-line (MSO) - Tue 13th May 2014 - WEBINAR

  7. Personal Productivity - Wed 14th May 2014

  8. It's all Above Board: Spirituality & Ethics in Governance & Leadership - Thu 15th May 2014

  9. Advocacy for Frontline Workers - Tue 20th May 2014

  10. Developing your Community Organisation's Business Plan - Thu 22nd May 2014

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