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The WA State Election was held on Saturday 9 March 2013. This was the first time WA will be holding an election based on fixed terms.

Community service providers and advocates sought to ensure that our shared priorities for disadvantaged and vulnerable Western Australians, the services that support them and the wider community were on the election agenda.

WACOSS consulted extensively with the community sector during 2012 to identify priorities and emerging issues for the WACOSS_Pre_Budget_Submission_2013-2014. These five key priority areas form the basis for the major campaign themes in the five weeks leading up to the election.

As part of its election strategy, WACOSS has created this specific election sub site.

The WA State Election 2013 website includes key information about priority issues, information about activities and events organised by the Council as well as community organisations and a section on how people can get involved. As well, WACOSS has written to the four main parties (Liberals, Nationals, Labor and Greens) and asked them to tell us how their party’s policies and election commitments correspond to our five priority areas and the WACOSS Model of Social Sustainability. Their responses, without editing or comment but within a strict word limit, have been included on this website. To view the parties' responses, please click here.

Promise Watch

Promise Watch is WACOSS’s summary of the key social policy and community sector-related announcements and promises which were made by each of the four main political parties (Liberals, Nationals, Labor & Greens) during the course of the 2013 WA election campaign.

For more information on Promise Watch, click here.

WACOSS, in partnership with WAAMH, WANADA and AADS

Media Conference: WA Justice System - Expensive and Ineffective

Click here to read the media release

For more information on Week 4: People with Complex needs, click here.

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