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    Dr Stuart Shanker and Mike McKay Visit 2014

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    The nexus between neuroscience and child development has created ideal conditions for a developing interest and engagement in self-regulation. Central to this work is Dr Stuart Shanker who was appointed by the Commissioner for Children and Young People as her 2012 Thinker in Residence.

    WACOSS was pleased that the proposal to bring Dr Shanker and his colleague, Mike McKay, the Director of the Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative, to Perth from Monday 3rd – Thursday 13th February 2014 eventuated.

    During this period, a range of opportunities for professional development for practitioners occurred including master classes at the introductory, advanced and practice leader level. Our international experts were also made available for specific consultation sessions with interested professionals and cross-sectoral stakeholders.

    Two key public seminars, one for parents and one for professionals were held as well as forums for parents in both north and south metro areas.

    Woodside hosted an invitation only breakfast, attended by over 120 people, at which their CEO launched the Woodside Development Fund. This was followed by ‘The Conversation’, a two-hour session facilitated by Collective Impact WA that was designed to help Woodside tap into leaders in the field in order to further frame the Woodside Development Fund.

    Overall, nearly forty different activities were undertaken by Dr Shanker and Mr McKay (either together or separately) during their period in Perth.The programme concluded with a farewell function hosted by Minister Tony Simpson.

    Our arrangements provide for follow-up videoconferences on a quarterly basis over the next year and the 12 practitioners who undertook the Practice Leader master classes have coalesced into a strong group to lead professional development around self regulation into the future.

    While the website is being updated with additional resources about self-regulation and planned follow up activities in WA, it is possible to register your interest in continuing to receive information about this work by contacting
    Carla at WACOSS by phone on 9420 7222 or email:  

    To get a sense of how Western Australia may benefit from further learning and application of self-regulation, please see This resource provides a range of stories, webinars, articles and other resources that have been developed to support British Columbia's first year of coordinated effort in this area.


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