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    Consultancy Services

    WACOSS can provide quality consultants to work in partnership with you to examine and strengthen the areas of your organisations in which you would like support.

    For example, we can help you:

    • Undertake high level planning and policy development

    • Look at practical issues within the organisation

    • Enhance team work

    • Strategic planning

    • Governance development, including: policy, training and reviews

    • Carry out a structural organisational review

    Many organisations have been successful in obtaining a Lotterywest grant to fund their consultancy project through WACOSS. To find out more please visit

    WACOSS Consultancy Services include:

    • Governance and Management Development
      It is vital that Management Committees and Boards are aware of the principles and practice of good governance. WACOSS can review your current governance practices and develop a program to address any areas of concern. We also provide a tailored governance training session for Board and staff, to cover the five key areas of governance.
    • Development of Strategic and Business Plans
      "Where do we want to go and how will we get there"?
      Capturing this information in a strategic plan and a business plan will help you reach your goals for the future of your service, as well as ensure your organisation remains sustainable and relevant. WACOSS will work with your organisation to bring together key stakeholders, facilitate the discussion and then write a detailed, 'plain english', straightforward strategic plan for your organisation.
    • Meeting and Planning Day Facilitation
      Do you get the best out of your planning sessions? Planning days and special meetings often disappoint due to:
      • The person running the session having a vested interest in a certain outcome
      • The discussion becoming heated and conflict dominating
      • People getting off track and spending valuable time on unnecessary detail
      WACOSS can help you achieve your purpose in any group sessions which address planning or other major issues. We have experienced and skilled facilitators who will:
      • Provide a neutral facilitator to give all parties an equal voice
      • Keep the conversation flowing and conflict to a constructive level
      • Keep people focused on the key issues to ensure the outcomes are met
    • Developing Policies and Procedures
      Well-developed policy and procedure manuals are an essential part of risk management, good governance and your everyday effectiveness. Our trained consultants can assist in the review, development and implementation of organisational policy.
    • Organisational Review
      The full package... Does your organisation need a full tune up or even a complete overhaul? WACOSS draws upon its expertise in the community sector and its objective position as an external consultant to identify solutions that will work for your organisation. A review report prepared by our consultants will include a process to achieve organisational change, and can be used to support any application for funding for this type of work.

    WACOSS trainers

    All WACOSS trainers hold Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training or higher and are acutely aware of adult learning principles.  To view a complete list of WACOSS trainers please WACOSS trainers

    For more information

    Please complete the form opposite or contact the WACOSS Sector Services and Development team on (08) 9420 7222 or email

    Please complete the form below and a representative from the Sector Services Team at WACOSS will get back to you shortly to discuss your specific needs. Alternatively, please phone our team direct on (08) 9420 7222.