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    Safety and Justice

    Properly functioning systems of safety and justice are at the heart of developed democracies. A key role of the state is to ensure that people feel safe in their communities and protected by a justice system that is effective, accessible and accountable. This requires a balance of approaches which not only provide disincentives to crime but actively address the issues which can lead to crime.

    In the past, policies to promote safety have reflected funding priorities which focus on punitive measures. WACOSS believes this is detrimental to the overall safety and wellbeing of the community and does not represent sound investment practice.

    Safety and Justice Publications:

    1. Safety and Justice – WACOSS 2011-12 Issues Paper Oct 2010
      file (401.41 KB)

    Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention Publications:

    1. WACOSS Submission to the Department of the Attorney General on the Equal Treatment Bench Book, April 2007
      file (79.07 KB)
    2. The Role of Non-Government Organisations in Diverting Young People from Crime, Nov 2005
      file (2.01 MB)
    3. State Budget 2005/06 Information Sheet: Justice and Community Safety, May 2005
      file (29.96 KB)

    Family and Domestic Violence Publications:

    1. State Budget 2008/09 Information Sheet: Safety and Justice, May 2008
      file (29.08 KB)
    2. State Budget 2007/08 Information Sheet: Safety, May 2007
      file (23.83 KB)
    3. State Budget 2006/07 Information Sheet: Domestic and Family Violence Response, May 2006
      file (32.76 KB)
    4. State Budget 2005/06 Information Sheet: Groups Facing Particular Disadvantage – Family & Domestic Violence, May 2005
      file (33.04 KB)


    Community Legal Centres Association (CLCWA)

    WANADA (Western Australian Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies)

    Women's Council for Domestic Family and Violence Services