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Children, Youth and Families

Children who are healthy, well educated, nurtured, and have access to services when they need them are less likely to come into contact with the justice and state care systems. They are also less likely to live in poverty, experience disadvantage and more likely to remain in the education system longer. It is incumbent on us to invest in our kids’ wellbeing now in order to reap the benefits as a community later.

High quality services which support families and children, providing childcare, health advice and early education should be well coordinated, financially supported and integrated across Government Departments.

As well as the benefits to children, there are strong economic arguments that an investment in early childhood leads to benefits for the entire community. Such investment reduces spending in future years by limiting the number and complexity of problems that need to be addressed later.

Children, Youth and Families Publications

Submission to Out of Home Care Legislative Consultation - February 2016
Supporting Early Years Networks in WA - Final Project Report, November 2014

  1. Child & Parent Centre Update Event - Presentation by Robyn Kinkade, June 2015
    file (1.08 MB)
  2. Child & Parent Centre Update Event - Presentation by Dr Tim Moore, June 2015
    file (1.35 MB)
  3. Child and Parent Centres on Public School Sites in Low Socioeconomic Communities in WA – A Model of Integrated Service Delivery: Literature Review 2013
    file (596.29 KB)
  4. Integrating services to support the mental health of infants and young Children: Developing the Concepts (Report 1, June 2013)
    file (1.01 MB)
  5. Review of the Commissioner for Children and Young People Act 2006, Mar 2013
    file (728.99 KB)
  6. Background Paper for Youth Justice Think Tank Series, September 2012
    file (426.49 KB)
  7. WACOSS Options Paper - Office for Early Childhood, July 2012
    file (587.52 KB)
  8. WACOSS Submission to Review of the Children and Community Services Act 2004 (July 2012)
    file (549.99 KB)
  9. WACOSS Discussion Paper on The Orima Evaluation
    file (568.30 KB)
  10. Children and Families – WACOSS 2011-12 Issues Paper Oct 2010
    file (375.31 KB)
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