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    Economic Audit Implementation

    The Partnership Forum was established by the Premier of Western Australia in 2010.  It acts as a focal point for building and maintaining the relationship between the public and not-for-profit community sectors and fostering collaboration and innovation in policy, planning and service delivery. The Forum achieves this through bringing together an equal number of senior representatives from State Government agencies and the not-for-profit community sector to address issues of mutual concern.

    The Forum has adopted a set of Partnership Principles and Behaviours, including:

    • a commitment to improve social, cultural and economic outcomes for the Western Australian community;
    • a collaborative approach to decision making and working together recognising the interdependence in the delivery of community services; and 
    • a commitment to empowering service users in the design, planning and delivery of community services.

    These principles engender a focus on community consultation on all significant issues and the engagement of citizens in the ongoing design, planning and delivery of human services.

    The Partnership Forum is progressing a number of initiatives to support and strengthen the way in which services are provided to those who are vulnerable and in need in the WA community, including:

    • Sustainable Funding and Contracting reforms with the WA not-for-profit sector;
    • the Social Innovation Grants Program;
    • the Social Enterprise Fund; and
    • Self Directed Services Design.

    Putting the Public First Report

    The idea for a Partnership Forum came out of the Economic Audit Committee (EAC) which was established by the current Liberal-National Government to provide advice regarding reform of the public sector and publicly-funded services. The report prepared by the EAC, Putting the Public First, made a wide range of recommendations that present both opportunities and challenges for the community services sector.

    WACOSS welcomed the release of the EAC report as the principles set out in the report reflected much of what the sector called for in the WACOSS 2010-11 Pre-Budget Submission, Putting People First. The report recognised that not-for-profit organisations are efficient, cost effective providers of services and recommended the sector play a greater role in service delivery.  The Government has indicated that it is critical for WACOSS to play a lead role in this process as the key sector representative and has given assurances that funding will be provided to cover the cost of involvement.  

    WACOSS EAC Submissions

    WACOSS played an important role to progress the EAC review process, making two submissions to the EAC following consultation with the WA Peaks Forum and WACOSS members. The first submission primarily argued that EAC recommendations are extremely wide-ranging and have the potential to reshape the relationship between the WA Government and the community services sector and those people accessing services. WACOSS’ second submission to the EAC had a significant focus on the potential benefits and risks of a move towards client-directed services.

    Engaging the Community Sector in the EAC Agenda

    WACOSS is committed to ensuring that the community services sector is well represented and engaged in the Partnership Forum reform agenda. WACOSS is working closely with government on the implementation process of a number of initiatives, particularly in the area of sustainable funding and contracting reform through representing the community services sector on a number of Implementation Working Groups. Regular updates to members, including events and publications, are made available through our E-News.

    Economic Audit Publications

    1. The Community Sector’s Relationship with Government – WACOSS Issues Paper 2011-12, Nov 2010
      file (510.51 KB)
    2. Second Submission to the Economic Audit Committee, August 2009
      file (357.49 KB)
    3. First Submission to the Economic Audit Committee, March 2009
      file (66.20 KB)

    Community Sector Reform Publications

    1. 2011-12 Budget Funding WACOSS Information Package- Funding and Contracting Announcements for Community Services June 2011
      file (427.29 KB)
    2. Guidance for Community Service Employers: Funding Increases and Wages Considerations
      file (425.85 KB)
    3. Funding and Procurement Reform: Frequently Asked Questions
      file (343.59 KB)

    Community Sector Reform Updates

    Community Sector Reform Update Volume 5. 18th July 2011

    Community Sector Reform Update Volume 4. 15th July 2011

    Landmark Funding Decision- State Budget Funding Announcement Volume 3. 27th May 2011

    Community Sector Reform Update Volume 2. 28th March 2011

    Community Sector Reform Update Volume 1. 4th February 2011

    Partnership Forum Communiqués

    1. Communique 12th August 2011
      file (82.25 KB)
    2. Communique 16th May 2011
      file (308.69 KB)
    3. Communique 22nd February 2011
      file (346.95 KB)
    4. Communique 10th November 2010
      file (270.69 KB)
    5. Communique 5th October 2010
      file (267.31 KB)
    6. Communique 16th July 2010
      file (215.25 KB)

    Putting the Public First Newsletters

    1. No. 4 November 2010
      file (269.46 KB)
    2. No. 3 October 2010
      file (328.23 KB)
    3. No. 2 September 2010
      file (374.71 KB)
    4. No. 1 August 2010
      file (227.52 KB)


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