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Healthcare is a human right, and should be afforded to all, not just those who have the ability to pay.  All Western Australians have the right to access the health services they need to live a full and happy life and to participate actively in their communities.  Low-income families often suffer geographical disadvantage as a result of financial disadvantage, meaning that they are not well connected to the services they need to ensure a basic quality of life.  Because of this, many families may be forced to make poor health choices, or opt out of accessing the services they need because of their limited means. 

Healthy Communities Leadership Forum:

In 2014 WACOSS convened a group of community service organisations working in the health space. The group is deliberately diverse with stakeholders from all areas of health as well drug and alcohol, disability and mental health sectors, and includes consumer and carer peak organisations. The purpose of the Forum is to provide a mechanism for community service organisations to have co-ordinated input  and influence on health policy systems and models of care. The Forum supports the importance of the social determinants of health, and provides opportunities for cross-sector discussions and leadership. The terms of reference is available here: Healthy Communities Leadership Forum Terms of Reference

Email if you would like more information or to join the group.

This group evolved from the Health Partnership Council; find out more about this project here.

Health Publications:

  1. 20140630 - Background Paper, The Future of Medicare Locals
    file (414.08 KB)
  2. 20131223 - Medicare Locals Review
    file (334.69 KB)
  3. WACOSS Submission Mental Health Bill 2011
    file (1.06 MB)
  4. Health - WACOSS 2011-12 Issues Paper, Nov 2010
    file (384.24 KB)
  5. Joint COSS response to the Australian Government’s paper Medicare Locals: Discussion Paper on Governance and Functions, Nov 2010
    file (560.05 KB)
  6. State Budget 2008/09 Information Sheet: Health, May 2008
    file (22.69 KB)
  7. State Budget 2007/08 Information Sheet: Health, May 2007
    file (30.34 KB)
  8. State Budget 2006/07 Information Sheet: Health, May 2006
    file (36.75 KB)
  9. State Budget 2005/06 Information Sheet: Health, May 2005
    file (37.43 KB)


Health Consumers' Council WA Inc (HCC)

Women's Health and Family Service

WA Association of Mental Health (WAAMH)