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    Electricity is an essential domestic service, and thus, electricity disconnection can have severe social and economic ramifications for individuals, families and communities.

    There is an abundance of international and domestic research that demonstrates the importance of access to an affordable supply of electricity. Electricity supports fundamental human needs including food, hygiene and shelter. It supports equipment that is critical to wellbeing and independence and enables and supports community engagement and family life.

    For low income and disadvantaged Western Australians the costs of accessing essential services such as electricity consumes a disproportionately high percentage of household income.

    WACOSS plays an important role in framing energy policy by participating in project working and reference groups. WACOSS also works in partnership with utility companies and the regulator to represent consumer voice on a range of issues related to utility pricing, financial hardship policies, access to concessions etc.

    Electricity prices have risen substantially over 2009-2010 and have had significant adverse impacts on people living on low and fixed incomes. WACOSS is working in partnership with Office Of Energy on Tariffs and Concessions Review which hopes to restructure energy tariffs in a way that relieves the burden of high prices on vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

    Electricity Publications

    1. Proposal for a National Energy Consumer Advocacy Body, response to directions paper, 11 April 2013
      file (221.44 KB)
    2. Response to the Proposal for a National Energy Consumer Advocacy Body Preliminary Statement of Issues and Questions for Consultation
      file (240.21 KB)
    3. A proposal for the establishment of a National Energy Advocacy Organisation
      file (1.12 MB)
    4. WACOSS Submission to the ERA regarding proposed amendments to the Financial Hardship Policy Guidelines, 27 September 2012
      file (373.88 KB)
    5. WACOSS Submission to Economic Regulation Authority Inquiry into the Efficiency of Synergy’s Costs and Electricity Tariffs – Draft Report, May 2012
      file (559.28 KB)
    6. WACOSS Submission on the ERA’s Draft Decision on Western Power’s proposed revised Access Arrangement, May 2012
      file (855.51 KB)
    7. WACOSS Submission for the National Energy Savings Initiative - Issues Paper, February 2012
      file (2.43 MB)
    8. WACOSS Information Sheet: Utility Price Rises 2006-2011
      file (434.10 KB)
    9. WACOSS Submission to Strategic Energy Initiative, May 2011
      file (510.10 KB)
    10. WACOSS Submission to the Inquiry into the Funding Arrangements of Horizon Power - Draft Report, February 2011
      file (310.22 KB)
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    Electricity Consumer Information and Resources

    1. Code of Conduct (for the Supply of Electricity to Small Use Customers)
      file (363.65 KB)
    2. ERA Guide to Understanding the Code of Conduct (for the Supply of Electricity to Small Use Customers)
      file (661.72 KB)
    3. WACOSS Information Sheet - Electricity Regulation and the Code of Conduct
      file (78.86 KB)
    4. WACOSS Information Sheet - How to Handle a Problem with Synergy
      file (122.37 KB)
    5. WACOSS Information Sheet - Synergy Consumer Rights; Customer Charter and Hardship Policy
      file (135.88 KB)
    6. Synergy Hardship Policy, Keeping Connected
      file (431.67 KB)
    7. Synergy Customer Charter
      file (451.11 KB)
    8. WACOSS Information Sheet - Horizon Power Consumers, What You Should Know About Your Rights
      file (136.73 KB)
    9. WACOSS Information Sheet - How to Handle a Problem with Horizon Power
      file (123.11 KB)
    10. WACOSS Information Sheet - How to Use the Horizon Power Hardship Policy
      file (131.90 KB)
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