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    An education is recognised as a key human development indicator and a fundamental economic, social and cultural human right.  Access to a positive educational experience is a vital part of being socially included. All Western Australian children and young people must be able to attend school and achieve the necessary learning base that will enable productive social and economic participation.  It is the our nation’s best interest to ensure that all children and young people have access to a positive educational experience, whether that be in a traditional school setting or via alternative means.

    Education Publications:

    1. Youth and Education – WACOSS 2011-12 Issues Paper Oct 2010
      file (596.50 KB)
    2. State Budget 2008/09 Information Sheet Education, May 2008
      file (17.55 KB)
    3. State Budget 2007/08 Information Sheet Education, May 2007
      file (32.87 KB)
    4. State Budget 2006/07 Information Sheet Education and Employment, May 2006
      file (34.60 KB)
    5. State Budget 2005/06 Information Sheet
      file (23.21 KB)
    6. FreeWACOSSTraining - Strategies_to_Reduce_EnergyBills
      file (558.54 KB)
    7. ShelterWA&WACOSS_DBMPW_09112012
      file (767.72 KB)
    8. ShelterWA&WACOSS_09112012 (2)
      file (302.13 KB)
    9. Strategies_to_Reduce_EnergyBills_03092012
      file (612.71 KB)
    10. FreeWACOSSTraining - Supporting_Clients_with_Utility_Issues
      file (547.69 KB)
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