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Emerging Issues

The Community Sector Leaders Forum on Emerging Issues is the WA Council of Social Service’s premier annual strategic event. It provides analysis to inform the service and strategic planning needs of the executives and Boards of community service providers into the future.

As the Peak body for the community services sector in Western Australia, WACOSS has a unique role to play in informing the sector of important emerging trends and issues affecting both services, and the people they serve.

The Forum provides a comprehensive overview of the most important issues confronting the community sector. The seminar is based around environmental scans of five key domains: economic, political, social, services, and sector sustainability.

Delivered by independent experts and senior WACOSS staff, the Emerging Issues Forum provides detailed up-to-date information designed to assist CEOs, Service Managers and Boards in their strategic, organisational and service planning.

2015 Emerging Issues Forum for Community Sector Leaders – 1st April 2015

The 2015 Forum provided a future-focused, environmental scan of our changing economic, political, social and service context, with presenters from: 

  • Prof Alan Duncan, Director, Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre
  • Andrew O'Connor, Political Editor, ABC News WA 
  • Chris Twomey, Director Social Policy, WACOSS
  • Lin Hatfield-Dodds, National Director, UnitingCare Australia

These expert presentations led into an interactive panel session that gave attendees the opportunity to share emerging issues of concern, or dig deeper into the analysis to explore the emerging strategic context for their clients, services and networks.

The (compiled) presentations of the four speakers can be found at the link (under "Emerging Issues Publications") below.

Other resources of interest include:

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Emerging Issues Publications

  1. 2015 Emerging Issues - Compiled Presentations
    file (2.15 MB)
  2. 20140104 Community Sector Leaders forum on Emerging Issues - Final Presentation
    file (2.83 MB)
  3. 2013 Community Sector Leaders Forum on Emerging Issues - Chris Twomey Presentation
    file (1.54 MB)
  4. 2013 Community Sector Leaders Forum on Emerging Issues - Nathan Taylor Presentation
    file (233.47 KB)
  5. 2013 Community Sector Leaders Forum on Emerging Issues - Professor John Phillimore Presentation
    file (747.84 KB)
  6. 2013 Community Sector Leaders Forum on Emerging Issues - Irina Cattalini Presentation
    file (526.84 KB)
  7. 2012 Dr. Tessa Boyd-Caine Federal Reforms
    file (162.64 KB)
  8. 2012 A. Prof. Shawn Phillips Policy Capacity and Collaboration
    file (778.00 KB)
  9. 2012 Emerging_Issues_WACOSS
    file (1.33 MB)
  10. 2012 Emerging_Issues_WACOSS (1)
    file (1.34 MB)
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