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Modern Award and Industrial Relations in Western Australia as it relates to WA Community Service Organisations

This page and related links are designed to try and keep you up to date with all the issues relating to industrial relations and employment conditions as they apply to the non-government sector in WA.

We know there is a lot going on and a lot of information being circulated, as well as a variety of levels of understanding of the issues that employers in the WA community sector are grappling with.

These include

  • how to determine which industrial relations system (Federal or State) my organisation falls under, which award system and rates of pay does my organisation need to be using for which staff,
  • what is happening with funding increases at the State level (i.e. Component 2 of the DCSP policy – on average 10% from June 2013) and the
  • what is happening with funding increases at the Federal level (supplementary offers to meet the Fair Work Australia (FWA) Equal Remuneration Order (ERO – also referred to as the gender equity wage case),
  • what do the changes to the minimum wage and the Modern Award mean for me – am I obliged to pay more, if so when and how much?

WACOSS is committed to getting the latest information out to our members. We are also working hard with other key stakeholders at the State and Federal levels to advocate on behalf of the sector to ensure that WA is not disadvantaged by the two tiered system of state and federal awards and the lack of cooperation between state and federal governments.

Our goal is to ensure that all community services are adequately funded to ensure that they can fairly remunerate their staff regardless of which industrial relations system they fall under, and to ensure community employers are equipped with the right information and resources to ensure they are meeting their employment and contractual obligations.

The following links provide more detail on each of the key areas

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