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Cross Sectoral Collaboration & Networking Event

Community Conversations


Skip Navigation LinksWACOSS Conference 2012 Networking Day

Sponsored By

Department of Regional Development and Lands

Tuesday 8th May 2012  

9am to 4.30pm

The Department of Regional Development and Lands presents the WACOSS 2012 Pre-Conference Cross Sectoral Collaboration Networking Day "Community Conversations".  The day is designed as a creative opportunity to bring together community, government and private sectors to consider just what does working collaboratively really look like? How can such collaboration improve community outcomes and how can we together achieve a sustainable community service sector.

Bringing people with an interest in working together this full day facilitated event will provide a range of activities and opportunities to share your ideas and experiences whether you are working at the front line as a practitioner, advocate or educator or behind the scenes in a board, committee, management, or administrative role.   

This full day event will appeal to all stakeholders whether you’re the person developing the policy, a practitioner working face to face with clients, have a role in service planning or responsible for dealing with contract, human resource or funding management.  

Join us to in conversation around
  • Elements of successful partnerships
  • Alignment of values
  • Workforce demands 
  • Community concerns 
  • Mutual understanding within partnerships
  • Breaking down roles and barriers to success and 
  • Lots more….

The networking day attracts a large contingent of regional delegates who relish the opportunity to participate in discussions on current issues and engage with their regional and metropolitan counterparts.   We hope you will join us to make this a productive and rewarding day.

Dave Palmer - Facilitator

Dave Palmer Dave Palmer lives in the Fremantle area of Perth with partner and two boys.

Dave has been responsible for the Community Development Program at Murdoch University. In addition to enjoying his teaching work, Dave spends a fair bit of time in regional and remote Western Australia, looking at examples of ‘good stories’ in work with community. He enjoys writing about this and sharing it with others who are keen on improving what they do.

At the present time he is involved with community-based projects in Perth, the South-West, the Kimberley and the Pilbara. This includes work: across the generations, ‘on-country’, in land management, drawing upon the arts, culture and performance, conservation heritage, customary economic development and employment. Dave often gets to travel with his gorgeous family, visiting friends and beautiful places in different parts of the state.

Ticket Prices

Community Service Organisation (NFP)

Conference Delegate


Non-conference Delegate                                       

Corporate /Government

 Free          $50         $120



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