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This is what we asked the parties to respond to.


All Western Australians want to be part of a community that is both experienced and understood as being equitable, but the reality is that we fall short of this shared aspiration. Our shared aspiration of being part of an equitable society should be a lens through which we assess our approach to all the other elements of social sustainability.

How do your party’s policies address this principle?


WA Labor values fairness and equality and believes that Western Australia should be governed in the broader interests of all citizens. All WA Labor policies, those already released and those still to be released, are measured against this yardstick.

The Liberal-led Government’s commitment to those in need of care and assistance has been demonstrated through the unprecedented $604 million funding package for sustainable funding and contracting with the not-for-profit sector, announced in the 2011-12 State Budget. This funding included $491 million over four years to provide an average 25 per cent increase in funding for human services contracts by 2014-15.  The Liberal Party recognises that human services are often best delivered by community-based organisations, which have the best connection with the community.  This commitment will make certain a continuity of care and services which reduces stress on families and improves the quality of life for people in need of care.

The Greens (WA) recognise the significant inequity in our society, and support a broad range of policies to combat this. We believe Government has a significant role to play in addressing disadvantage, including by supporting a strong community services sector. Areas of particular need which require increased investment include housing, mental health, law and justice, and employment. We believe access to quality education is essential for all, and that a fairer education funding model should be a priority. We have a strong commitment to gender equity including addressing violence against women and taking action to address WA’s pay equity gap.

 The response from the National Party did not address the individual priorities. Please refer to their letter for more details of their response, please click here..

The following paragraph from their letter appears to be of relevance to this partricular priority:

The Nationals WA want to ensure that all West Australians have equal access to opportunities to learn and succeed in life. We commit to continuing this in 2013 by ensuring communities have the appropriate resources and support to ensure essential social services reach all our regional remote communities.

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