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How to get involved

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If you are a community service organisation, WACOSS member, or just someone who works in the community sector or cares about social justice, then here are a few of the ways you can get involved with this State Election.


Share the message:

There are lots of ways you can help to share the message to put social issues on the election agenda.

Email — send a link to WACOSS’s election website etc to your contacts.

Subscribe — subscribe to WACOSS’s fortnightly e-News newsletter to keep up to date with what we’re  doing… and figure out how your organisation might be able to do something similar or something completely different!

Media  — have your organisation write a media release and send it to your local newspaper about how an issue is affecting the people you work with in your local community. Try to schedule your media release to arrive ahead of the paper’s usual publishing date.

Forward — share WACOSS’s media releases with your members, mailing lists, contacts or clients.

Facebook — “like” WACOSS on Facebook. Share the links to WACOSS’s media releases and other information via your own profile page, or through your organisation’s page.

Twitter — follow @WACOSS on Twitter. While you’re there, don’t forget you can also also follow WACOSS President Francis Lynch @chiefexecruah, the WA Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies @WANADAFYI , the Youth Affairs Council of WA @yacwa, the Council of the Ageing WA @COTAWA, Community West ‏@CommunityWestWA and Anglicare WA @AnglicareWA. Tweet stories/links/comments yourself using the hashtags #wapol or #wa2013votes. Retweet (RT) our/relevant stories/links.

Video — do you have a story you want to tell which is relevant to the election? You could write the story and post it on your website/Facebook page etc, or you could perhaps record a short video of you/your CEO telling the story and uploading it to Youtube or Vimeo, then sharing the video with everyone you know! Encourage them to share your video via email/social media, and include links in the video description back to your website!

Letters to the editor — Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or to The West Australian newspaper highlighting an issue/story which you think deserves attention (and encourage others to do the same).

Write an Op Ed — Share your views in an opinion piece in your local paper or an online blog A Few Tips for Opinion Piece Writers.

Radio — ring talkback radio about an issue or respond to an issue raised by someone else being interviewed.

Ideas? —  if you have other ideas for how to be involved, please let us know.  


Participate in an event —

There are a number of public events in our calendar that you can turn up to and participate in. [link]

Organise your own event.

If you are interested in organising your own campaign event and having it included in our calendar please get in touch [link].

Will your organisation be hosting a visit from any of the candidates or Parties during the campaign? If so, please let us know.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to contribute to or help out with an existing event.

Please note, WACOSS will only support and publicise events which are non-partisan and relevant to the community sector.

Other events —
Are you aware of any relevant conferences or other events which will be bringing key people to WA between now and March 9th?

Let's share information!

Do you have any information, publications, statistics, data, research, case studies relevant to one of the areas which WACOSS is focussing on which you would like to share with us for possible inclusion on the website or other publications?

Have you already written to any parties or candidates on a particular issue?  If so, would you be willing to provide WACOSS with a copy of your letter or their response?

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