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Considering a tender

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Government procurement defines the way in which government purchases the goods or services that it wants. Tenders are one way in which government procures these goods and services.

In relation to the DCSP Policy, if a government agency wants to procure community services, tenders are the way in which they will traditionally do that. This is only IF the amount of the services provided is over $150,000.

Tenders refer to a few different documents, which is why the terminology can sometimes be a bit confusing.
A request for tender is when a government agency requests that community service organisations put forward an application to deliver the service that government wants.

A tender is also the term for the application itself.
This application consists of a lot of different facets, all of which you can read about at the Funding and Contracting Services page at the Department of Finance. However, what is most important is:
- The qualitative information (ie why is your organisation best placed to provide this service?)
- The quantitative information (ie at what price will your organisation provide this service?)
There are a number of templates available to assist you in structuring this information, also at the FaCS website.

Tenders WA is the mechanism through which the Western Australian government puts out its tender requests. You can visit Tenders WA by clicking here. Browsing some of the tender requests, and downloading some of the documents, will give you a good idea of how comprehensive the information requests are, and therefore how detailed your application (or tender) might need to be.

To continue reading on tenders, please click here to see the "Should a tender be written" article.

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