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    About WACOSS

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    Since 1956, WACOSS has been developing and strengthening the non-government community services sector's capacity to assist all Western Australians.
    At the heart of its activities, lies the belief that the mark of a civilised community is the support and help it gives to those most in need.

    WACOSS and its members aim to improve the quality of life of people disadvantaged by the inequities of our society through:

    • Improving community services by exchanging ideas, information, skills and resources
    • Creating a strong, united and informed voice capable of advocating for the social needs of all Western Australians

    A continual consultation process with members, their clients, the general public and other professional organisations enables WACOSS to identify and address social inequities within the community.

    This is achieved by:

    • Contributing to the development of social policy
    • Promoting the provision of social services
    • Raising awareness of social issues in the community
    • Facilitating coordination and cooperation amongst social service agencies across the State
    • Providing a range of services to member and non-member agencies
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